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"Top Quality Foodie Attraction"

“My husband and I treated ourselves to a food tour through Foods of Copenhagen during an extended stay in Copenhagen. […] Was a super fun experience, definitely recommend it! 

Our guide Anne-Marie was a delight. Excellent story teller, with a ton of knowledge about food. Her passion about Copenhagen food was contagious and engaging. […] Definitely felt like they created a tour that highlighted the best, taking into account the latest trends.

All in all, would recommend for people into food visiting Copenhagen. Do it early, and you can go back and enjoy some of the places you learn about!” 

The best event we have been on in many years.

A.P. Moller - Maersk A/S

At our last team event we were on a culinary walking tour with Foods of Copenhagen. Absolutely the best event we have been to for the last many years. In our team we are both Danes and non-Danes, and the trip was therefore in English and great for all of us.

We visited many small oases in Copenhagen and ate at the most amazing places, which neither of us had tried before. The food was amazing - and for each place we visited there were a lot of amazing stories attached. While we went from place to place, there was a great opportunity to talk together in a completely different way than we are used to in the department. VERY IMPORTANT FOR OUR TEAM.

I can only give my warmest recommendations to Foods of Copenhagen.
Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup
A.P. Moller - Maersk A/S

A fun an alternative way to eat together - instead of "just" going to a restaurant.


In collaboration with Cindie, who owns Foods of Copenhagen, we had a customized gastronomic walk that only included Asian food gems.

On this 3-hour dining experience we visited 5 food places in the inner city and at Vesterbro, all serving authentic cuisine from the eastern kitchen. Despite the fact that almost everyone is from Copenhagen, there were several of the places we did not know. The food was exquisite and we learned a lot about food and not least about Copenhagen. "

So much fun for everyone!
Sissi Antonsen

The food was exquisite and we learned a lot about food and about Copenhagen .

SoftwareOne A/S

We were 6 people on a food tour with Foods of Copenhagen, who had tailored the trip, only to us. It was the owner Cindie who had arranged a great program for us.

She really listened to our wishes and she had caught the essence of who we were and what we liked. We had a fabulous good evening and it was SO nice to have a host so we could enjoy the company and food without having to think about payment and ordering and route planning.

We got all we could wish for and it is certainly not the last time we ask Foods of Copenhagen to arrange a company event.
Louise Lindholm
SoftwareOne A/S

Working with Cindie and her team was a pleasure, which made my task as the organizer so much easier - Olivia Burgess, Microsoft.

"The Foods of Copenhagen Tour was a truly fantastic event for our group of 60 international colleagues, who were attending a three day Summit in the city. It was particularly important for our teams to be able to experience the city they had travelled to (as much of the Summit was spent in conference rooms) with limited time to spare, and Foods of Copenhagen was the perfect solution to this!

Cindie worked with me (at short notice) to design a culinary journey for our group, to provide a flavor of the Danish culture, a little history and wonderful food and beverages. Our team split into four groups, each guided by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic host, and took a walk around the city with regular stops for food, drinks, culture and competitions. We gained a perspective and insight into Copenhagen that would not have been achieved through any other activity.

I can't thank Cindie enough for all of the provisions she made to ensure that the tour was perfect. She arranged a photographer to capture the experience for our team, worked with several restaurants to adapt menus based on our groups' preferences, and even arranged bicycle-taxis to follow two of the groups, to ensure that any team members who may not have been as mobile could fully enjoy the experience.

The experience was truly authentic, unique and tailored to our group's needs, and enabled our teams to informally mix and get to know each other better. Working with Cindie and her team was a pleasure, which made my task as the organizer so much easier, but moreover, our participants enjoyed the event so much that many stated the tour as the highlight of their trip. I would recommend Foods of Copenhagen to any corporate group without hesitation!
Olivia Burgess

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