North Jutland – Denmark


Want to explore the gastronomy scene and meet the local producers in North Jutland?

Today this part of Denmark holds many amazing restaurants, creative chefs and most of all passionate people who produces own cheese, flour, vegetables, ice cream, sustainable fish, “snaps” and many more delicacies.

Let us know how long time you have and the purpose of your trip to North Jutland and we will be happy to create your program using our extended network. 


visit north Jutland while in Denmark

If you are planning to visit Denmark make sure to have time in North Jutland. You will find many cultural attractions, beautiful, landscape, amazing local produce and delicious food.

Where is Aalborg located? 


Private Culinary Tours

Explore the food scene in North Jutland with your family and/or friends while visiting Denmark.

Culinary walking tour

Explore the developing food scene in North Jutland and meet the passionate people behind the brewery, the restaurant, the farm or dairy. Each tour is tailor-made based on your wishes and our expertise.

Requests are made to moc.n1539913552egahn1539913552epocf1539913552osdoo1539913552f@ofn1539913552i1539913552.


Explore the culinary scene in Aalborg and meet local producers in North Jutland.

From 1000 DKK per person

Team Building

A culinary tour is an informal and fun way to spend a day or evening together. On a tour with us you will eat delicious local food while exploring gems and landmarks in North Jutland.

On our teambuilding experiences you will also be competing in food challenges and most important have time to talk to your colleagues in a different way than you are used to. Each tour is created according to your profile and wishes.

Inspiration tours

Explore the latest food trends and outstanding productions in North Jutland on a customized research tour with your team.

Research Tours

Are you working as a food professional and want to get new inspiration and learn more about the food trends in Denmark? We create research tours for you to get an insight into new trends and concepts of the food service industry in North Jutland.
Let us know what you are looking for and we will create a private and tailor -made food program for you and your colleagues.

Other information

  • 16 departures from Copenhagen airport to Aalborg every day. 
  • 30 minutes flight from Copenhagen to Aalborg. 
Please let us know if you need other recommendations to Aalborg while visiting we will be happy yo help. 

Prices: Please see above for each experience. 

Contact: moc.n1539913552egahn1539913552epocf1539913552osdoo1539913552f@ofn1539913552i1539913552 


Customized Food Tours
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