June 07, 2018

What is a food tour all about?

Do you wonder what a culinary tour is all about?

By Ester Rose Wadsworth – American/Danish blogger, explorer, foodie and intern with Foods of Copenhagen.

Ester went on her first food tour with Foods of Copenhagen and this is her story:

Last week I had my first food tour ever; it was with Foods of Copenhagen. We had 8 food stops, and a 5 km stroll through Copenhagen in the sunshine…thinking to myself “there is no way this can be called work”. ????This is my new internship and I will be blogging and helping out here for the next 4 weeks.

I joined the Copenhagen Delicacy tour last week, along with 5 guests from all over. This tour brought me back to my first days in Denmark, all the quirky, cool and funny things that stood out as being uniquely Danish, and I loved that!

Had a flashback to my first smørrebrød, and Grandma calling out across the table that I was “eating wrong”, first taste of snaps, only the one we tasted on the tour was probably the best one I’ve ever had, and it was a deep pinkish red. And yes, there is an order to smørrebrød and of course it’s with rye bread.

I’ve pretty much only had traditional Danish food at the homes of my Mom’s Danish family here and I’ve never known where to eat it out in the city. So, I was very curious about this tour and where we would go.

All of the stops were amazing, off the beaten path, not the known tourist spots. Actually I’d never been to any of these places before. Wouldn’t want to give it all away here, so I won’t tell you exactly where we went on all the stops, though I will share 2 that were highlights for me.


Passionate people & small gems

The one thing that I felt all these places had in common was that they were owned, served by and run by people who are passionate about their own food niche and they weren’t commercial spots, which I love. We had samples of some of the best that Copenhagen has to offer and then a little more thrown in.

Most of these spots are start-ups by Danes who are inventive and at the forefront of experimentation with food and taste and what is possible. I’d have to say that BRUS was definitely one of these places. I loved it and I’m definitely going back!! It wasn’t just the food and the amazing fermented fries, but the building itself, with the massive brewing barrels right in the eating area. I really love the industrial interior look!

One more favorite was, Grød, a breakfast, lunch & dinner restaurant serving only porridge at Jægersborggade. I had the barley-otto with portobello mushrooms and black pepper. It was amazing!

That was one thing I loved about the tour, it took me to places that I wouldn’t have found otherwise, corners of Copenhagen that only locals and real foodies know. Each of the places is carefully selected by team Foods of Copenhagen and it is clear that they know what is going on in the city and where to have your next meal.

Above and beyond the food, it was an insight into the places  where the food was created, and a glimpse of the people behind it, some of the most creative souls in the food industry at the moment such as at the cider tasting at Rødder & Vin. This tour is definitely a must-try ! ????

In the next blog post I will be sharing some fun facts about the Foods of Copenhagen team. Stay tuned!

Every year the tours change so you as a traveler will experience all the currents trends.

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