July 15, 2019

5 places to eat outside

Summer has arrived in Copenhagen!
With its endless days of light, summer in Copenhagen is the perfect excuse to make the most of all the beautiful outdoor spaces the city has to offer. As soon as the weather is nice, you can find the Copenhageners making the most of it in the city’s parks, along the water and in outdoor dining areas.
We would love to share some of our best tips on our favorite places for eating outside this summer.  All of places offer indoor seating, but we adore them for how they make the most of their surroundings by offering superb outdoor seating.

We hope you will love these places as much as we do!

Broaden & Build

Craft brewery opened Matt Orlando. Just around the corner from his restaurant Amass, this is true gem on the industrial island of Refshaleøen. Most people visit this former shipping harbor area for the food market Reffen. They make a turn left before Broaden & Build, which is incredible sad. The food at Broaden & Build is creative, fresh and exciting. In the kitchen as well as the brewery, the team focus on sustainability and reducing food waste. Their smoked carrot tartar with beer yeast emulsion and the beers infused with black current leaves are wonderful examples. The outdoor long tables offers a relaxed setting for eating and drinking enhanced by surrounding planters with seasonal herbs and the small bon fires. From your table, you can enjoy the view of the old shipyards and all the poor people making the turn to go to Reffen. If only they knew what great food and beer, they are missing out on! ????

What to try: The menu is seasonal and constantly changing, but at the moment we are in love with the following combination: The smoked carrot tartar with beer yeast emulsion, their fried fermented potatoes and the beautiful fresh romaine salad tossed around in the most beautiful herb dressing. Add their new rhubarb IPA, and you might just have found the stairway to heaven!

Address:Refshalevej 175A, 1432 Copenhagen.



Another old industrial harbor area in Copenhagen that has undergone a drastic transformation over the last few years. Transforming into an attractive residential area in the northern part of the city, this area is starting to have incredible places to eat. We strongly recommending exploring this area around lunch or dinner on a sunny day and remember to bring the swimsuit. The area has many cool harbor baths. On a warm day, you will find many locals making the most of Copenhagen’s coastal location. Jumping from the quay into the cold, clean water to cool down after a long day. We are especially fond of the waterfront called Sandkajen, because of all the amazing food hiding just behind the sunny outdoor area at Göteborg Plads. We recommend browsing the area for snacks, drinks and treats and having a picnic along the waterfront.

What to eat: Satisfy your inner cookie monster by visiting Andersen & Maillard  to try their exceptional sourdough buns, pastries and cakes. Their modern take on the two traditional Danish pastries spandauer and brunsviger is to die for.
Explore the freshest seasonal, local produce at the story & café run by the organic farm Aarstiderne. Whether you feel up for fresh strawberries or local apple cider, they got you covered! For the savory cravings, visit Bar Uno and try one of their pizzas with handmade mozzarella made in their neighboring micro dairy Nordhavn Mikromejeri. When time comes for dessert the two lovely ladies Nina and Anniken behind Istid got your back. Their organic liquid nitrogen ice cream is outstanding and super fresh, because they actually make it right in front of you! If you need bit of alcohol as well, they have a great selection of beer and natural wines, as well as cocktail flavored ice cream on weekends!

Address: All the places mentioned about are located around Göteborg Plads, 2150 Copenhagen.

Restaurant Vandvid

In the spirit of the current harbor theme, let us have another one! Restaurant Vandvid is a wonderful place to eat in the up and coming area Sydhavnen. Located on the water in a restored ship this is true hidden gem in Copenhagen. Hanging out on the deck is heaven whether you decide to have a drink, share a few snacks or spend all night here. If you enjoy cooking yourself, ask them for a tour of the kitchen to see the stove. It is a custom-made masterpiece used for preparing all the delicious food served onboard. In the summer it also heats up the ship, so do not hesitate to visit this gem in the colder months as well.

What to eat: We love their tapas plate with Danish specialties. It is a wonderful showcase of how much our food scene has changed and the high level of our artisanal producers. The cappuccino is extraordinary dusted with dried rose petals. Make sure to ask about the story behind it – you will not be sorry!

Address: Ben Websters Vej 3, 2450 Copenhagen.


Gro Spiseri

What happens when you pile several tons of soil on the roof and start a farm in the middle of the capital of Denmark? If you really want to know, you should book a table at Gro Spiseri and explore this concept for yourself. Trust us, you will not be disappointed! For those who might take a bit more convincing, stay with us and we will unfold the magical world of Gro Spiseri.

Gro Spiseri is an eatery located on the urban roof top farm ØsterGRO. ØsterGRO is run as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and help teach local city dwellers about eco-systems, seasonal eating and sustainability. From Thursday to Monday they serve communal dinners with the best skyline view in Copenhagen. You have to make the reservation in advance, but we promise this is the perfect place to enjoy your summer in Copenhagen. You eat surrounded by the most beautiful seasonal produce overlooking the city inside a green house. Does it get more magical than that?

What to eat: The 6-course menu is always unique, so we cannot spoil anything except one thing: it is going to utterly delicious! Enjoy the best seasonal produce around the long table in the green house, while making new friends and learning more about sustainability and urban farming.

Address:Æbeløgade 4, 2100 Copenhagen.


Restaurant Sletten

With the final recommendation, we are cheating a little bit, since this extraordinary place is located outside Copenhagen. 45 minutes north of the capital near the modern art museum Louisiana, you find tranquil seaside restaurant. After wandering the museum or exploring the local organic farm Aarstiderne, Restaurant Sletten is the perfect place to treat yourself to an outstanding lunch or dinner. The food is exceptional, but what adds to the experience and makes it the perfect summer getaway destination is the verandah overlooking the sea. It is easy to spend several hours here eating and drinking while gazing over the sea to the neighboring country of Sweden. If you feel like a pick-me-up before or after the meal, we strongly recommend bringing your swimsuit. There many public pier in the area offering you the perfect excuse to dive into the cold blue waves.

What to eat: Anything from the surrounding waters! With the restaurant’s prime coastal location comes an abundance of beautiful seasonal seafood. Another thing we love about Sletten is the construction of the menu: all ala carte dishes are priced the same, so all you have to worry about is picking the dishes that speak the most to you! Easy peasy, right?

Address: Gl Strandvej 137, 3050 Humlebæk

Website: https://sletten.dk/frontpage/

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