February 11, 2018

Valentine’s Day – A romance & food guide to Copenhagen in February

Valentine’s Day is soon here and don’t worry if you did not have time to plan the big surprise, we have you covered.

You might be hesitating about visiting Copenhagen during the winter, and you are right, it is pretty cold (most days) BUT it is also such a romantic city with delightful parks, sparkling canals, winter bathing and very delicious food. So let’s get started so you can surprise the one and only with some outstanding local know-how.

The Classic Adventures

This year Tivoli has extended their opening time to February 2-25. Nothing more romantic than walking through a winter wonderland with jolly snowmen, glittering frost crystals and ethereal light. Have fun ice skating together and get warm with hot chocolate and delicious cakes at Cakenhagen or lunch at Gemyse(both owned by Nimb).

If you do not have time for Tivoli it is also possible to visit Nimb’s Lounge (you can enter both from Tivoli and from the street) that is the quintessence of Danish ‘hygge’. Not many people are aware that you can enjoy coffee, hot chocolate and also drinks in the beautiful ballroom. They have an open fire place where you can relax and hold hands (it does not get more romantic than this ;)). However, be aware that during the weekend it is almost impossible to get a table without a reservation due to their brunch (which it highly recommended also).

If you are looking for traditional lunch outside but close to Tivoli and Nimb we recommend  visiting Restaurant Kronborg for ‘smørrebrød’ and ‘snaps’.

The Wilderness Adventures

We are head over heels with the harbor baths in Copenhagen – even in winter and we actually think winter bathing can be quite a romantic activity taking into consideration that you need to stay close together the rest of the day to get warm again. Just be aware that most winter bathing clubs require a membership if you want to use the sauna. Personally, we like Svanemølle beach (if not a member anywhere) as you are then close to some great places to get warm after your “swim”. We suggest biking to Leckerbaer for coffee and gourmet cookies and If it is lunch time we recommend you to visit Souls on Østerbro or Orangeriet in Kings Garden.

A Romantic Dinner for Two

Now the big question is – where to have a romantic dinner? We give you three recommendations and then it is up to you to know what your love would like the most:

  1. Restaurant Silo where you both get delicious food, an amazing view and lovely drinks.
  2. Restaurant Maven located in the southern chapel of the beautiful Nikolaj Church in the middle of the city. Here you find a unique atmosphere with a lot of ‘hygge’, great wines/beers and food with focus on the Danish and Nordic cuisine. For drinks we suggest Ruby.
  3. Restaurant 56 grader located in the old naval dockyard and naval base at Holmen. Organic, local and seasonal ingredients served in super cozy surroundings. It is (for some people) a little far away, but we definitely think it is worth the drive for an intimate diner here.

We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

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