February 03, 2019

5 trends to explore in Copenhagen

Getting your head around a foreign city, its food scene and current trends can be tricky. That’s why we have decided to point out what we believe are the 5 most exciting trends on the current food scene Copenhagen, and pair each of them with hidden food gems showcasing a trend. We hope it will help you kick start your culinary treasure hunt around Copenhagen!

The art of edible bacteria

Ever since the birth of the New Nordic cuisine and Noma, seasonality and local produce have been of great importance in many of the Copenhagen restaurants. Because of our long winters, preserving and fermentation are getting more attention. The techniques give us the opportunity of extending our seasons and adding more flavors and complexity to our winter dishes. With the recent publication of The Noma Guide To Fermentation, we are now known worldwide for our use of the technique. Here is our recommendation for where to go to learn more and taste lots of fermented goodies.

Tapperiet BRUS: Is a Nørrebro craft brewery and eatery with a special interest in the art of fermentation. Our ideal fermentation tasting at BRUS contains the following elements: fries, kimchi and a cold sour beer. Fermented fries are one of their specialties accompanied with the creamiest fermented mushroom mayonnaise. When it comes to their kimchi they make different varieties from the traditional to more experimental like kohlrabi or pineapple. The sour beers are perfect to wash it all down and offer exciting flavors such as rhubarb or sea buckthorn.

Green dreams

Vegetables are getting a lot of attention these days in Copenhagen. With more people going on greener diets and an increasing focus on the environmental benefits, vegetables are becoming the star of the meal in many restaurants. Not just in the restaurants dedicated to the vegan or vegetarian cuisines. More and more restaurants are focusing on using better ingredients, serving less animal protein and instead being creative in the preparation of the greens.

Gemyse: Hidden gem in the amusement park Tivoli. Mette Dahlgaard and her team work close together with an organic farm north of Copenhagen trying to bring back old and forgotten crops and bring them back on the plate. The menu is dedicated to vegetables with the option of adding an animal protein. The kitchen is as exciting, delicious and beautiful as the surroundings. The interior is inspired by a green house and is located in garden full of seasonal vegetables. Hidden among the kale stalks you can sit in the garden and toast marshmallows over the bonfire.

Sourdoughs and pastries

Bread and pastry is a big part of the Danish breakfast culture. When celebrating we like to go to the baker and bring home an abundance of treats to share with our loved ones. In recent years more and more craft bakeries are opening up around Copenhagen. They focus on sourdoughs and giving the traditional Danish pastry (referred to as “wienerbrød” in Danish) a new spin. Old varieties of grain are once again back in production and each bakery has its own unique flavor due to their holy grails: their sourdoughs.

Lille Bakery is one of our favorite place to munch on bread and pastries. Hidden in the old industrial harbor and up and coming area Refshaleøen the bakery is a true gem. Lille Bakery is opened by three friends, who met working at 108. They crowd founded their oven and now have a horde of loyal fans, supporting them and their baked goods. Make sure to try their sourdough, either a slice in the morning with butter and cheese or with one of their mouthwatering salads for lunch. For the sweet tooth we highly recommend their beautiful berliners – rolled in raspberry sugar and filled with chamomile custard. Be aware, they are very addictive!

Fighting food waste

Many restaurants are targeting the issue of sustainability in terms of food and the restaurant scene. Food entrepreneurs are popping up all over Copenhagen with creative ideas on how to reduce waste, while making delicious new products at the same time. To name a few Beyond Coffee grow mushrooms on old coffee grind from Coffee Collective and YourLocal is an app connecting producers with consumers to fight food waste.

Tigermom: Newly opened restaurant is already a darling amongst locals. Head chef Lisa Lov has a background at Copenhagen restaurant Relæ, one of the world’s most sustainable restaurants. With her new restaurant she is creating a unique Asian inspired kitchen with a strong focus on reducing food waste. Her cocktails is great showcase of just that: by working together with neighboring coffee shop Cupenhague and using waste form her kitchen is able to create a unique cocktail universe.

Natural wine and cider

When we refer to natural wine and cider, we talk about products where nothing is added and nothing is taken away. That means not adding yeast or sulfites, and instead letting nature take its course. It sounds simple but it requires passionate, skilled farmers working towards getting the best fruit in the fields. Natural wines and ciders has been popular in many of the high end restaurant for several years in Copenhagen. While still being very much a niche, it is starting to be more accessible due to more bars and wine shops opening up. That means more natural wine and cider to the people, and we invite you to join us for an exploration of funky flavors.

Rødder og Vin: Wine shop and bar nestled side by side on Ravnsborggade in Nørrebro. Great places to hangout, talk and enjoy a glass. You feel at home whether you are trying natural wine for the first time or a wine connoisseur. The owner, Solfinn, is a fantastic host and before you know it the conversation has wondered far; from the food scene of Copenhagen, to travelling and back to what is your glass.

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