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About Foods of Copenhagen

Our high level of personal attention, expertise and professionalism is matched by our commitment to a sustainable Copenhagen. We believe in doing business in a way that supports our local food producers, our local shops, local merchants and farmers. This means we built connections and brand partnerships with local businesses who make real handmade food with a lot of passion. 

Small is Good

Most importantly for our partners AND for our guests: We limit our public tours* to a maximum of 8 persons, so that our presence will not adversely impact our partners and the neighborhoods we love. We wouldn’t want you to have anything less than the best possible experience of the real Copenhagen.  


*We do not have a limit on our private and customized tours as we choose different places for these - according to number of guests and wishes. We invite private chefs into private settings for our guests to get unique and extraordinary food experiences.  

Meet the Hosts

Cindie - Owner and Host

I feel sincerely lucky and extremely thankful. In 2015, starting Foods of Copenhagen, I was really scared. I decided to create a business with the aim to re-invent how to explore a city and its food. Since 2015 we have had the most amazing guests who have all made my dream come true – to have a business and a job that I love.

I am allergic to big tours (No, a tour with 12 guests is not small), and my goal with Foods of Copenhagen is to stay small and boutique. To me small reflects Foods of Copenhagen’s philosophy – more sustainable, flexible and real. This ensures that our team remains close to the food and the people who makes it. It’s then easier for us to bring guests into that world.

A food tour is not just a tour. It is important to me that you leave with a feeling of being part of a group, that you have seen the best of the city and that you had an experience you will not forget.

As your host I want to make an impact and give you some amazing memories and knowledge about Copenhagen. 


STINE - Operations & HOST

For me the story is everything. I love food in every aspect – eating it, talking about it and the cooking part. Moreover, my heart belongs to Copenhagen, I love the city, I love the food culture, but most important  I love all the small stories that I have learned about the city. 

 The first time I heard about Foods of Copenhagen was over a cup of coffee in a backyard. Cindie was telling me about her company. I was immediately aware of the fact that this was the perfect opportunity to tell and share stories about food and Copenhagen. For each tour I do I always think of how to improve my storytelling. 

When I travel and do tours my ultimate fear is always to feel like I’m wasting time. As your host, my goal is to make sure you have that extraordinary experience you will remember when you leave Copenhagen. The best way for me to do that, is to show you some of my favorite places, share stories from my Copenhagen life and most of all answer the many questions I hope you will bring.


Hi, my name is Anne-Marie and I may be your host on one of our tours. I have a passion for food and the revolution it has undertaken in Copenhagen.

Coming from a Butcher and Hotel/Restaurant background I have been brought up and lived with food and the passionate preparations and pride of using only the best quality. Having lived abroad for many years I have also learned to appreciate and love Copenhagen. Being your host I am given the privilege to share our Capital City with you and showing you some of the places you might not find on your own.

Cannot wait to meet you!


My perfect day would look like this: Reading blogs or cookbooks in the morning trying to find the most delicious recipe to prepare. After deciding (which takes a loooong time, not one of my finest qualities) I go on a culinary treasure hunt around Copenhagen looking for the best produce. In the evening I will be dancing around my kitchen; cooking and singing. I round up the day by curling up on the couch watching something food related to learn more about the lives of other passionate foodies.

I try to travel often and when I do, I try small food tours to get off the beaten path. I want to hear about local favorites, hidden gems and all the quirky stories, which are only accessible by word of mouth. The things that would disappoint me the most on a tour is only visiting places that I could easily find myself or without that little extra twist. With me as your host in Copenhagen, my goal is to give you the same authentic experience I am craving when I eat my way through foreign cities.

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We do our best to communicate our offerings, but sometimes we miss. If you need anything not mentioned on the page, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Last Copenhagen Delicacy Tour in 2017 is on December 29. During January and until Februar 3, 2018 we are only open for Private Tours