Concierge Service

Your personal recommendation when in Copenhagen.

Our team of Copenhagen experts are ready to give you all our best advises about where to eat & where to stay in Copenhagen – all tailored to your needs and wishes.  

We are always updated about the restaurant scene, current pop-up events and the unique areas and places to live in Copenhagen.  

We will be happy to assist you whether you are traveling for business or pleasure.


The price for our assistance is from 1500 DKK. This fee covers the following services: 

  • Dinner/ lunch recommendations and reservations. 

  • Hotel recommendations and reservations.

  • Personal concierge service. 

We will find restaurants and hotels that matches your budget in the right area in Copenhagen, and we are always around in case you have questions or emergencies during your stay.

Save time and headaches planning
where to stay &
where to eat, while in Copenhagen

Why you should book a Food Concierge

When I plan my travels, the first thing I do is to find out where to eat. With a limited amount of time I really don’t want to waste any of my meals with bad food. My experience is that it can be difficult to navigate in a jungle full of websites and guides telling you where to go which is why I always look for personal recommendations from locals.

 As a boutique food tour operator we have a great network & knowledge about the restaurant scene, chefs and pop-ups that we will love to share with you. 

We promise you beautiful places and amazing food while visiting.

Cindie – Owner & Founder of Foods of Copenhagen


We look forward to making your stay in Copenhagen unforgettable!

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