December 22, 2020

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Dearest longtime readers and followers, 

I have written down a few wishes during 2020 and they are of course all on my list this December. So, please Mr. Santa, I hope you have received my letter…

While this year did not exactly go as I planned, I’m grateful for a year with time for reflection on how Foods of Copenhagen has done things and how we want to do them in the future.
While I know many are waiting for the world to go back to “normal”, I personally hope we won’t. This might sound dramatic and crazy in a time of crisis but I think 2020 gave us, besides sleepless nights and grief, opportunities that I will come back to.

From an international business to a local business

In a business perspective Foods of Copenhagen were looking forward to a busy year with new collaborations, new tours and of course our 3-day gastro travel to the Faroe Island. To be honest, the best year of our time. However, with the first lockdown back in March, we knew we were faced with a challenge bigger that we could ever have imaged. A cancelled calendar overnight – which at first resulted in a few panic attacks and then slowly we started our creative process. 

The food gifts became our new product – gifts filled with local produce from our talented network and friends we normally visit during our tours. To me this was our way to create value for Foods of Copenhagen and for those who I really hope will make it through this storm. The food gifts were then sold to private, but also many companies that wanted to surprise their employees in a difficult time <3

This week we have delivered our last gifts for this year, and I am so happy we made the decision to make this change because it kept our wheels running and a feeling of doing something meaning full in a chaotic time.

The new normal

2020 has been a brutal experience and it will take time to recover. However, in the bigger perspective that goes beyond finances and our short term desires, I honestly don’t hope we will go back to how things were. I hope we are facing a new normal where we engage more in some of the biggest challenges the world was looking into before 2020: The climate crisis, broken food systems and overtoursim.

We had the time to reflect now, so my wishes for Christmas this year is a world where we travel and explore in new ways and where we take responsible food choices and focus on the changes we need in our future food production in a time where climate should be our top priority.

I believe Foods of Copenhagen has changed, but for the better. During 2021 we will be sharing more about new projects, farm tours and other exciting experiences and collaborations.
As some might have noticed, our Instagram has changed from Foods_of_Copenhagen to cindie_christiansen and I hope you will keep following our food adventures.

Merry Christmas everyone!

For now, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for showing us your support. I hope your Christmas will be filled with love and delicious food.

I can’t wait to welcome you in Copenhagen next time.

Best wishes and love from


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