April 21, 2018

Cheap Eats in Copenhagen

Eat with the Danes for less than 100 DKK in Copenhagen.

When I travel I like to try foods on all levels – from the cheapest bite on the streets and all the way up to the high-end Michelin restaurant. This gives me the best impression of the food scene in a city.

So if you are traveling on a budget or if you just want to meet the Danes and their friends, you will get a unique experience dining at a ‘Folkekøkken’ while visiting.

The particular Danish tradition of ‘Folkekøkken’ refers to a sort of community kitchen. This is a place where you eat a decent meal for 50-100 DKK. Food is usually served at long tables and you will be seated in between other people. This is an exceptional way to come into contact with people you’ve never met and start up a conversation as you share a meal. Usually conversations flow between people who know each other and people that have met for the first time. Social dining at is best, if you ask me.

Dining at a ‘Folkekøkken’, you sit close together, and everyone eats the same menu which is one of the reasons the meal is cheaper than going to a cheap restaurant. Big bowls go around the table and you eat what you like and as much as you like. This creates a relaxed atmosphere among people and an extremely ‘hyggelig’ setting.

Is this really for foodies? Absolutely! These places attract all kinds of people – rich, poor, vegans, meat lovers, families and youngsters. Today’s ‘Folkekøkken’ is also known for great tastes, inspiring dishes (from different countries) and healthy ingredients – all of which attracts the crowds.

Top 3 places to eat at a ‘Folkekøkken’ in Copenhagen

  1. Absalon

Communal dining in a church that has been converted into a very big “living room” where everyone is welcome. 50 DKK per person except on Fridays where it is 100 DKK. More info on their website (google translate will be needed).

Address: Sønder Blvd. 73, 1720 Copenhagen V (Area: Vesterbro)

  1. Send Flere Krydderier

Eat together every Tuesday when this social project serves delicious food from all over the world. Price is 60 DKK per person. The last Tuesday each month they serve vegetarian food. More info at their website.

Address: Nørre Allé 7, 2200 Copenhagen N (Area Nørrebro)

  1. Madglad

In a converted daycare facility you will find Madglad, that offers  communal dining buffet style. Here you find plenty of hungry guests every evening. If you are in to try the ‘Folkekøkken’ but prefer to share the meal with people you know, Madglas is your place. Here you do not sit at long tables. Madglad is open from Monday-Friday.  You find the menu on Facebook every Sunday (they always serve a vegetarian alternative as well). 60 DKK per person and for more info and menu for the week please take a look at  their Facebook page.

Address: Eskildsgade 13, 1657 Copenhagen (Area Vesterbro)

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