March 29, 2023

9 plans for easter in Copenhagen

Easter is soon here and if you are visiting our beautiful city we got you covered with places to eat and things to do. However, before we introduce our guide, what is danish Easter actually all about? 

Well, Easter is a holiday that marks the beginning of spring, which, here in Denmark, means lots of delicious food. Many traditions surround this holiday, such as chocolate egg hunting, egg painting, egg races, children writing poems and many more. These are different from family to family, but one of the biggest traditions surrounds the ‘påskefrokost’ (Easter lunch). Easter was a Holliday marking the end of a fasting period, which of course meant it was time for a big feast. These are traditionally served at home in the company of family and friends, but do not worry! If you are visiting us from far or near, we have made this little blog for you to explore Copenhagen and its surroundings.

4 Restaurant suggestions for easter


This 150 year old restaurant situated in one of the historic neighbourhoods in Copenhagen, focuses on traditional Danish cuisine with smørrebrød in the afternoon and traditional Danish dishes, such as pariserbøf, in the evening. For this Easter, they have decided to serve a traditional Easter menu with an array of fish, egg and tartlets. To accompany their menus they also serve around 30 different homemade snaps, including a special Easter-snaps! 


Restaurant Maven

Located inside the St. Nicolaj church, now turned into an exhibition space, this restaurant serves every year a delicious påskefrokost! This square used to host the local butchers, which is also the reason for this restaurant’s name, Mave, which translates to stomach! It is still a bit early to know exactly what they’ll serve, but it will for sure be delicious, so look out for their menu if you’re interested!



This restaurant is all about hygge and good ingredients. In their own words, they aim at being a restaurant where they would love to be guests themselves on a day off! They are serving a beautiful menu with very traditional ingredients such as lamb and egg, complementing these with some beautiful seasonal ingredients. If interested, you can also have a try of their traditional smørrebrøds such as their smoked eel or curry herring. One thing to be aware of: they are a lunch place, so closing is at 17:00!



As this is a very traditional Holliday, we have included mostly traditional experiences. But (!) if you are looking for something different and sweet, we can warmly recommend Brace. 

Known for having a green Michelin star (and of course serving wonderful italian inspired food), they have organised a sweet take away box. It includes:

-A pack of six milk, dark and pistachio chocolate eggs

-An italian cinnamon easter cake prepared in their kitchen

-A bottle of Organic Prosecco

Hurry – there are only a few of these available!

(You  can book them by going on their website, and select the ‘book table’ option. There you can choose to book one of the easter boxes)



5 things to do if you visit in easter

As spring arrives, the city of Copenhagen awakens. After a long winter (which does not seem to want to leave) we are all ready to get outside and enjoy all the different events and experiences opening up again in and around Copenhagen. Here are 4 suggestions for this easter (including still of course some more food)!


This green oasis is organising some really fun events, also now for easter! 🐣 9 old wooden barns used as storage have been completely refurbished into the lovely space that is Banegaarden today. With their mission to make the world a bit more sustainable, they run restaurants, a cultural programme, a farm shop, workshops and much more.

For easter they are organising a lovely long table lunch serving all of the danish lunch classics. So what are you waiting for? Join the locals for this lovely get together!

P.S. They are also organising a couple of other events over Easter, so head to their page to check it out!

Admiralgade 26

Located by the former Royal tennis court and herb garden, Admiralgade 26 is a casual and flexible concept in beautiful surroundings. For this easter, they have planned a community dinner, which will be an almost classic Easter dinner, including lamb roast and easter eggs.


Reffen is coming out of their winter sleep and they have opened again! Reffen has in the last couple of years become a great food truck area situated just by the water, making it a beautiful place to enjoy the spring weather we have missed so much here in Copenhagen the last couple of months! Over Easter they always hold an array of activities, so look out for the upcoming events!

BLOX – for the little ones!

Blox will be bringing you into the easter season with a series of activities aimed at the small ones in the family. There will egg painting, easter bunny cutouts and tons of face painting.The entrance is 50,00 DKK and kids under 2 get in for free.


Food Tour

Lastly, we would of course love to welcome you on one of our tours! If you could be interested in joining us over easter, or any other time, please od not hesitate to contact us!

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