May 09, 2017

3 great places to eat lunch in Copenhagen

Enjoy a juicy lunch sandwich at Muuh & Oink in Copenhagen Westmarket

Get your pork and beef on at this food stall at Westmarket. Try their “Pulet gris”, which translates into “porked pork”, but which is really the best pulled pork sandwich in town. It comes in a soft brioche bun, with a juicy slaw, mustardy dressing and crunchy pork scratchings! Brilliant addition. If you’re feeling adventurous, enjoy it with a cucumber-basil soda from the neighboring stall called “Spoon” – it’s a perfect companion for your Copenhagen lunch sandwich.

Address: Muuh & Oink is a food stall at Westmarket, Vesterbrogade 97, 1620 Copenhagen V.

Tender Tartare On Crunchy Rye Bread For Lunch At Manfreds

It’s been said before and we couldn’t agree more: Manfreds serves the best steak tartare in town! Tender, separate pieces of juicy meat glistening with a bit of olive oil, served atop a mustardy emulsion with rye bread crunch and cress. And the chunky sourdough bread and makes the perfect addition. Also, try their apple juice that is very fresh and delicious.

Address: Jægersborggade 40, 2200 Copenhagen N.

Slow-Food lunch with Stew, draft beer and Danish apple trifle cake at “Det Simrer”

A new addition to the restaurant scene in Østerbro focusing on slow-food. The name “Det simrer” means “it’s simmering” and is the secret to the stews served here on a cosy local square. Try the classic gullasch or some of the vegan and vegetarian alternatives. And why not round it off with an old school “æblekage” (apple cake), a kind of trifle composed of equal parts whipped cream, apple compôte and crumbled almond macaroons?

Address: Melchiors Plads 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

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