Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Foods of Copenhagen 



Foods of Copenhagen collaborates with the booking system Eztix. Eztix withdraws the amount after the ticket has been received.


Delivery of tickets

You will receive your ticket by email after your booking has been received.

If you do not receive the email after your booking please take following actions:

  1. Check that you have given the correct email address (remember to check if your spam filter prevents the message from being displayed in your inbox)
  2. Check that ticket purchase was completed

Should you still not have received your ticket, please send us an email on moc.n1511113854egahn1511113854epocf1511113854osdoo1511113854f@ofn1511113854i1511113854 or contact Eztix.


Proof of payment

Customers must bring proof of purchase of the food tour, and meet at the agreed meeting point at the agreed time (which is found in the confirmation email).


 If you regret your purchase

When your booking is completed it is not possible to cancel the food tour, however it is possible to change to a new date. This means that refund is not given.

This change must be made no later than 4 days before the start of your booked tour in an email to moc.n1511113854egahn1511113854epocf1511113854osdoo1511113854f@ofn1511113854i1511113854. This change is not valid before you have a confirmation from Foods of Copenhagen.

It is your responsibility to be at the agreed meeting point and at the right time (which is written in the conformation email). Should you not be at the starting point at the agreed time we do not give any refund.


Refund of the purchase amount

If you regret your purchase, we cannot refund your purchase. We can however change your tour date. This change must be done no later than 4 days before the start of your booked tour.


If there is something wrong with our services

The purchase law rules apply to your purchase.

If you are not satisfied with the service you can contact us at 0045 20161519 or email: moc.n1511113854egahn1511113854epocf1511113854osdoo1511113854f@ofn1511113854i1511113854

As Foods of Copenhagen provides a service you do not have a 2 year warranty as a customer. However, should you experience any problems or do the service not be what you expected, please contact immediately after the food tour.

You have the right to obtain correction of any deficiencies in the service attributable to the service nature, unless it is a question of your own circumstances, or other external circumstances, which we, in accordance with Danish law, cannot be held responsible for.


Food allergies and accidents

Foods of Copenhagen is not responsible for any allergic reactions to food consumed while on tour.
If we are informed of food allergy in the booking we will do our best to avoid these ingredients and give the information needed to take action, but it is the customers responsibility to make sure they only eat food they are not allergic to. Copenhagen is not responsible for any kind of allergic reactions.

Accidents on food tours are very rare, however, Foods of Copenhagen is not responsible or liable for any accidents occurring while on tour.



If you have a complaint about your purchase, please contact the food tours at moc.n1511113854egahn1511113854epocf1511113854osdoo1511113854f@ofn1511113854i1511113854