Frequently Asked Questions
about our Food Tours

(1) We put a lot of research and work into each tour as we only want to show you the local and unique food gems in Copenhagen. We believe you can find the high-end and more commercial places on your own. We also change the places as new gems appear so you will both experience the traditional food and also the newest food trends in the city.

(2) We take you out of the city centre, as we want to introduce you to the delicious food found on the neighborhoods Nørrebro and Vesterbro. Copenhagen is so much more than just the city centre.

(3) We only visit food places that have a strong passion for the food they serve and only places that serve food of high quality. We are proud to be independent and we would never take you to a place just because we get some perks for it. Although this is standard behavior in the tourist industry, we simply think it is wrong.

(4) We have a big knowledge, not only about food, but also about Copenhagen’s history. To us the history of a city is paramount to understand the food culture. This means you will learn about the food you taste, the places we visit, our food culture and Copenhagen’s history.

(5) We have no intention to compete with other tour operators when it comes to price. We want to give you a personal and intimate food experience where quality is extremely high and where you get more than you expected. This is also why our groups are small (max 8 people) - unless it is a private tour, then groups can be bigger.

The duration of our tours vary from 3 to 4 hours depending on which tour you choose to explore.

It is important to us that you have plenty of food on our tours, which is why the food amount is equivalent to a big lunch or dinner depending on what tour you choose. Thus we recommend you to come hungry because our tastings are always a bit more than just a normal small tasting. Danish people eat a lot! 🙂

For most of out tours we walk approx. 5 km / 3 miles and the tours are led at a causal pace. The area where we walk is flat. To us it is important that you see the city and to find a good balance of walking between the places where we eat. We want you to be full, but not feeling "sick". Please read tour description to see the distance for each tour.

Yes, all our tours include some kind of alcohol (wine, beers, mulled wine etc.). Please inform us before your tour if you prefer non-alcoholic drinks and we will make the necessary arrangement.

This depends on the tour you choose and we recommend you to read the full tour description.

All tours are held in shine, rain and even snow and is only cancelled in extreme weather. We always make the necessary adjustment according to weather. This means we provide some umbrellas if it rains.

We advise you to always be updated with the weathercast and bring clothes according to weather.

Please inform us in the booking (when purchasing) if you have food allergies and we will accommodate your needs. Vegetarian options are possible, however we cannot accommodate vegans at this point.

Our groups are held to a maximum of 8 people. This is different for private and customized tours.

Yes, children are welcome, but we recommend a minimum age of 12 years old. All alcohol will be replaced with non-alcoholic drinks for children.

Cameras are permitted and photos are encouraged.

The tours are in English, however if a whole group is Danish the tour is held in Danish.

Yes, please send us an email on *protected email* for pricing and suggestions. We love to make customized tours!

Definitely. You will learn about all the great food places and the history of Copenhagen. Foods of Copenhagen is also known for finding the small and new food gems you might not have had the time to visit yet. As apposed to visitors of Copenhagen you can go back to all the delicious food places. On a food tour you will also meet other happy foodies for you to get to know.

It is not mandatory, but if you are especially satisfied and wish to tip your guide please feel free.

On completion on your booking you will receive an automatic conformation with booking details. If you should not receive this please contact us on *protected email*.

Tickets are not refundable, however you are always free to change date .

Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at *protected email*.