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3 restaurants we recommend you book prior to your trip to Copenhagen

3 restaurants we recommend you book prior to your trip to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is busy, which is why we recommend you to make reservations at these three restaurants before arriving. We think these are amazing food experience, so you don’t want to miss them.


This year Restaurant 108 received their first Michelin-star, which was highly deserved. 108 is located between Christianshavn’s Canal and the new bridge; Inderhavnsbroen. The restaurant opened in 2016 and is the sibling of the world famous restaurant Noma. 108 is ambitious and the cuisine is modern Nordic gastronomy with family-style servings for the entire table. Despite the star, the food is moderately priced and not to forget – served in very cool surroundings.

Book your table here: Restaurant 108



To visit Amass, you need visit the outskirts of Copenhagen on Refshaløen – a little known part of Copenhagen. The trip out there is all worth it! The Restaurant is led by the chef Matthew Orlando (former head chef at Noma) and serves organic food with a strict focus on locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. They work with only the best local farms, regional suppliers and of course also their own ingredients, grown in their 800 square meter garden situated just in front of the dining room.

Book your table here: Amass Restaurant



On one of Copenhagen’s most amazing and interesting streets you find Relæ. It is a casual top-level restaurant serving amazing food. The restaurant has one star in Guide Michelin Nordic Cities (2017) and was ranked as the world’s most sustainable restaurant in 2016. The kitchen is creative, free from cultural heritage and the atmosphere is unpretentious, warm and welcoming, making everybody comfortable.

Book your table here: Restaurant Relæ

Where to eat breakfast in Copenhagen?

Where to eat breakfast in Copenhagen?

Hønen & Ægget

The name means “the chicken and the egg” and that pretty much sums up the menu and the decor. Great concept! The tiles are kept in soft whites and yellows and everywhere are little chicken-related tidbits. Here you’ll find the eggs scrambled, fried, benedicted, and often served with a London-type semi-charred toast. They also serve dinner, but we love them for their breakfast and lunch.

Photo Credit: Alexander A. Kaiser Lauritzen (on front page)

Address: Øster Farimagsgade 16A, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

Cafe no.11

Only a five minute walk from the Queen’s palace Amalienborg this cosy café is a great stop for us ordinary people. It offers spacious rooms and seats at the window where you can get your people-watching on. We recommend a warm breakfast roll and cappuccino breakfast. After that you can indulge in some of the deliciously rustic pastry calling your name from the counter.

Address: Skt. Annæ Plads, 1250 Copenhagen K.

The Union Kitchen

The Union Kitchen is on our list because it is super cozy and because they serve great breakfast. We had the eggs benedict, which had been recommended  – very classic but they were extremely well-made.
The Union Kitchen is not the cheapest breakfast you’ll find in Copenhagen, but the combination of the atmosphere, decor, food, and service makes it well worth it. Also they open at 7.30 which is perfect for breakfast (meetings).

The coffee is also very good and creative (you will see why if you visit ;-))

Address: Store Strandstræde 21, 1255 Copenhagen.

Where to eat dinner in Copenhagen?

Where to eat dinner in Copenhagen?

Enigma Torv

Not really a restaurant, but a museum-to-be, this is an unusual place to put your hat down for a couple of hours. Set in an old post office, it is actually still a post office combined with cafe, design shop and the home of communication history. Try their social slow-food evenings from Mon-Thurs with warm stews and condiments to share. Or come for their excellent brunch buffet on weekends. Great place to go with kids as they can run around the large room without upsetting anyone.

Address: Øster Allé 1, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

Restaurant Metier

Across the street from Rigshospitalet (the hospital known from Lars von Trier’s “Kingdom”) you will find the nicest little restaurant with a homely atmosphere and rustic French details. The menu offers delicious entrees to share and plenty of great ideas and flavors to keep you talking and enjoying all night long. Plus: The prices are exceptional considering the quality of the food and ingredients. Restaurant Metier is closed on weekends but is open for lunch and dinner on weekdays. (Photo credit @Ulf Svane photography – on frontpage)

Address: Blegdamsvej 70, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

Restaurant Anarki

Anarki is a newly opened restaurant (Nov 2015) with great food and a relaxed atmosphere. You get high value for money at Anarki and they use good and fresh ingredients.
We had snacks, a glass of bubbles, a starter, a main, dessert and coffee for 650 DKK/pax. If you are a fan of waffles this is definitely a place you need to try as they serve a waffle with truffle mayonnaise and Serrano ham – SO tasty!

Address: Vodroffsvej 47, 1900 Frederiksberg C

Where to eat lunch in Copenhagen?

Where to eat lunch in Copenhagen?


Get your pork and beef on at this food stall at Westmarket. Try their “Pulet gris”, which translates into “porked pork”, but which is really the best pulled pork sandwich in town. It comes in a soft brioche bun, with a juicy slaw, mustardy dressing and crunchy pork scratchings! Brilliant addition. If you’re feeling adventurous, enjoy it with a cucumber-basil soda from the neighboring stall called “Spoon”.

Address: Muuh & Oink is a food stall at Westmarket, Vesterbrogade 97, 1620 Copenhagen V.


It’s been said before and we couldn’t agree more: Manfreds serves the best steak tartare in town! Tender, separate pieces of juicy meat glistening with a bit of olive oil, served atop a mustardy emulsion with rye bread crunch and cress. And the chunky sourdough bread and makes the perfect addition. Also, try their apple juice that is very fresh and delicious.

Address: Jægersborggade 40, 2200 Copenhagen N.


A new addition to the restaurant scene in Østerbro focusing on slow-food. The name “Det simrer” means “it’s simmering” and is the secret to the stews served here on a cosy local square. Try the classic gullasch or some of the vegan and vegetarian alternatives. And why not round it off with an old school “æblekage” (apple cake), a kind of trifle composed of equal parts whipped cream, apple compôte and crumbled almond macaroons?

Address: Melchiors Plads 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.